Bespoke Brilliance

Lincoln’s Black Label program goes far beyond being an innovative way to create the ultimate in luxury sedans and SUVs — it also opens the door to a sumptuous lifestyle.
Text by Bill Lindsey Photos courtesy of Lincoln | May 25, 2018 | Luxury

Ordering a bespoke suit is the best way to ensure the perfect fit while expressing a supreme sense of individuality, so why not choose a bespoke vehicle? Lincoln understands this, as evidenced by their unique Black Label Collection. Owners are able to select from the rarest of fabrics, fine woods and dazzling Chroma paints to craft a vehicle that’s uniquely theirs, representing the ultimate in luxury, comfort and technology. However, in addition to the car, Black Label ownership affords membership to an exclusive club. The benefits begin when the mobile showroom arrives at your location for a custom “fitting.” This is followed by free routine maintenance for 50,000 miles, car washes and annual detailing. Black Label ownership also grants access to a nationwide list of the most sought-after restaurants. Sure, Black Label offers fine vehicles, but it also yields a finer way of life;