Bespoke Time

We all recognize the appeal of the perfect fit of custom-made suits and shoes, and now we can enjoy the same personification in our timepiece, thanks to a band of master craftsmen in Connecticut.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 8, 2018 | Luxury

When you think of watchmakers, an image of a NASA-quality facility in Switzerland might spring to mind, but it’s unlikely you would picture a modest two-story house in Oxford, Connecticut. However, the Naugatuck Valley region, home to iconic watch and clock companies such as Timex and Ingersol, is also the location of Naugamatic Watch Company, a tiny operation that has been creating bespoke wristwatches since 2010. The firm has a solid reputation for its ability to repair and renovate Rolex, Beetling and other high-end timepieces, but their pride and joy is the Naugamatic Dive Pro. Utilizing a precision Swiss ETA 2824/36 automatic movement, the watch closely resembles a Rolex Submariner. It can be ordered with a 39, 41, or 44 millimeter case milled from a block of stainless steel, a wide selection of dial materials and styles and an even wider assortment of strap materials. The cost? A remarkably reasonable $800 to $1,500;