Best Swing

Want to hit golf shots with precision, add more distance to your game, and double your greens in regulations? Lag Shot was designed to help golfers of all skill levels unlock their best golf swing.

Adding more lag into your golf swing has traditionally been extremely hard to do. For most golfers, working on increasing lag feels forced, rigid, jerky, unnatural, and way too “manufactured.” You just can’t seem to make it happen, no matter how many lessons you take, or how many hours you spend practicing your swing. Enter the team behind game-changing Lag Shot. These clubs work by training your hands, arms and body to swing in sequence with perfect tempo and timing. “From the takeaway, to the top of the backswing, to starting the downswing and through impact, it improves your tempo, swing plane, lag and impact position,” says Andrew Rice, PGA Top Teacher. “It’s a true all-in-one high-performance training club.”;