Better Together

When we sat down to plan our special “WHERE ARE THEY NOW?”
Words by Jorge Arauz | September 28, 2020 | Lifestyle

Theme for this month’s issue, we were thrilled to see how much the families we have featured over the years (some of them more than a decade ago!) have grown and evolved. Nostalgia is most definitely in the air as we re-introduce you to some of the amazing Key Biscayners we have profiled in issues past. We also cautiously venture out on a roadtrip for the whole family around the beautiful natural springs of Florida for a much-needed change of scenery. The Sunshine State has more springs than anywhere else in the world, supporting entire ecosystems and connecting Floridians to 90% of their drinking water. Also in this issue, we continue our new and improved Encounters social pages, showing islanders living life to the fullest while respecting the seriousness of the pandemic that is still in our midst. As we look toward a more optimistic autumn season and begin to prepare for an unprecedented holiday season, one thing remains certain: Putting family first yields strong ties that can help us get through any challenge life throws our way.