Big Bang

The Big Bang created our universe, complete with a dizzying assortment of unique minerals such as yellow sapphire. Hublot in turn used this incredibly durable stone to create a batch of just 100 unique timepieces.
Words by Bill Lindsey | April 30, 2019 | Luxury

A wristwatch can be a simple device used to A.) Keep track of time; or B.) Serve as a mesmerizing way to express your individuality. Hublot is clearly in the “B” column as evidenced by their Big Bang Collection. The brand has a reputation for “interesting” colors as evidenced by earlier smoked black, red, blue and transparent sapphire models, so the Big Bang’s yellow is a continuance of the firm’s efforts to stretch the envelope of style. The Big Bang’s lab-grown transparent yellow sapphire is infused with copper and aluminum oxide for additional brilliance; it is about as discrete as Lady Gaga in Amish country, but it is also extremely durable. On the Mohs Scale of density, diamonds score a 10; yellow sapphire scores a 9. Inside resides a conservative choice — a Zenith El Primero-based HUB4700 automatic chronograph movement. Only 100 will be made, making this a must-buy for those horographs who also enjoy making a bold fashion statement;