Bond’s Grocery-Getter

Imagine a world where James Bond has settled down, is raising a family and needs something to get the kids to soccer practice. He’d still be driving an Aston Martin, but it wouldn’t be the DB5.
Text by Bill Lindsey | December 28, 2018 | Luxury

The luxury SUV trend began the day the first Jeep Grand Wagoneer rolled into a country club parking lot. Now SUVs are offered by manufacturers from VW to Rolls Royce. Aston Martin has been absent from the party, but that will change when the rugged and revolutionary Aston Martin DBX catwalks onto Miami’s roads in 2020. The sleek lines that flow aft from the signature grille are as smolderingly sexy as royal Cara Devigne in her trademark tuxedo. Four doors have never looked this good. The DBX will be produced in the firm’s iconic Welsh facility that is outfitted to build electric vehicles. We suspect this monster will be alongside EVs in order to bolster morale as workers hear the roar of a proper British V8 at full throttle. Details are still scarce, but expect unadulterated performance, a decadent interior draped in fine woods and leather, all-wheel drive and a cargo area that can hold a litter of Brittany Setters, a gaggle of pre-schoolers or a group of giddy adults;