Boxster Reborn

It’s been almost 20 years since Porsche revolutionized the mid-engine sportscar. They’ve done it again to such an extent it was issued a new model number: 718.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 19, 2018 | Luxury

We all know Porsche’s Big Dog is the 911. So when the Boxster was introduced in 1999, it was seen more as — dare we say it? — “a chick car.” In reality, the Boxster delivers huge performance and near-perfect, mid-engine handling. And it just got a whole lot better; the new 718 is a seriously high-performance, world-class, take-no-prisoners roadster. As you’d expect, from the suspension up, the 718 is all-new, but in a move that only Porsche could pull off, the engine got smaller. “Huh?” you say, “It went from a flat-6 to a flat-4? Are they nuts?” Not so much. Motivated by an intercooled turbocharger, the 718 now cranks out a bellowing 300 hp (that’s 911 territory). Want more? Check the option box for the 350 hp engine and plan on making a lot of Corvette owners cry. Check the box for ceramic brakes, too, if you go with the Vette-killer engine;