Breaking Boundaries

The Flite Ultra L Board combines the responsive ride of a surf foil, with the power of an eFoil. At 49.6 lbs., including the 14 lb. battery, it’s also the world’s lightest; while delivering 45 minutes of foil time.
Words by Zelda Grant | March 28, 2023 | Lifestyle

How do you beat one of the world’s most popular eFoils? With a lighter, more agile version. The Flite Ultra L. Board started by handcrafting and stripping back the design for optimal weight and performance. It then combined it with a new 31.5” mast, making it ideal for taking on bigger waves and achieving greater lean angles in turns. The innovative hydrofoil provides a safe, smooth ride; offering peace of mind as one glides above the water so the rider can focus on the adventure. Sure footing is ensured by a custom-designed deck grip that keeps riders grounded while their head is in the clouds. Two power options are available: the 13.7lb Flitecell Nano, for the most vigorous ride; or the longer-lasting Flitecell Explore;