Breathtaking Bike

The Williamson Goods & Supply’s $35,000 Wheelman Bicycle was made for tooling around Key Biscayne and staying in shape while looking great on our glamorous isle and being “green” at the same time.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 10, 2018 | Luxury

There isn’t a part of the Wheelman Goods & Supply’s Bicycle that isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Backed by the latest in two-wheeled innovation, these hand-molded, custom masterpieces are tailored to each owner. The process starts with high-tech Chromoly tubing highlighted by copper for detailing and key parts. The seat is available in python or crocodile leather, as are the wrapped handle grips and other accents. Three color schemes are available — Navy/Copper, Tan/Copper and (for those who want to be slightly understated) Navy/Chrome. The sporting goods professionals at Williamson may have priced it as much as a small car but the ride is much better — whether you want to do a few miles around the island or get a workout in while “running” errands;