Bridging Time

A piece of contemporary design created from the awareness of a modern attitude and intentional revival of a historical object from the archive: the Gucci Attaché draws from an intuition and an attitude of the 1970s into the present.
Words // Zelda Grant | January 25, 2023 | Lifestyle

With its interchangeable straps that allow it to become both a shoulder bag and a handbag, the Gucci Attaché is an item of design that is both transportable and ergonomic, living in contact with the body, a perfect silhouette to add to a hypothetical collection of objects of desire. In other words, one of those wonderful, useful, inseparable objects that in the culture of contemporary living, have become bags. “I was fascinated by the bag after having laid upon it a casual and fleeting glance while I was in the archive,” says Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci. “Its silhouette, typical of the ‘70s, projects a very modern attitude that convinced me to draw out an eclectic symbol that could express the idea of a dual function. It is its G-shaped clasp detail, with its mechanical origin, that makes it the joining link between a bourgeois spirit, typical of an object of this kind, and the functionality of the world of utility.”;