Bright Ideas

Text by Jorge Arauz, Editor in Chief. Photo by Mario Pascual | July 2, 2018 | Lifestyle

I remember back during my college days, while I was working on one of my English Lit independent studies, I read a book by author John Barth that made some sort of reference to the fact that every idea we encounter in life is old news in one way or another — every story told, every idea executed, every strategy put into play has already been initiated at one point or another. In other words, new ideas don’t exist. In many ways, this concept is an ironic take on history repeating itself, one of the great clichés of our time. In essence, this author was claiming that no “great idea” is every really great — it’s just recycled and given new life, depending on the time period, society and other differences that influence the how of any given goal or situation. It’s like a cosmic game of telephone, except the message doesn’t change that much from one generation to the next. In this issue we set out to discover people and places that challenge the aforementioned theory in their own way. I hope you enjoy this issue, but most importantly, I hope you learn something new as you flip through our pages. When you’re done browsing this edition, send me an email to [email protected]; call me on my cell at 305.401.3232; or send me a message via Facebook @ Key Biscayne Mag to let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see on our pages. Until we speak or meet, keep enjoying living in paradise!

Jorge Arauz