Brush Strokes

Olga Nikishina draws her greatest inspiration from nature, particularly the vast sky and ever-changing clouds. She also has a profound admiration for illustrating people in motion, especially in the graceful and expressive art of dance.
Words // Sandy Lindsey | February 23, 2024 | People

Through her artwork, Olga Nikishina captivates the observer’s gaze, drawing attention to each moment in life’s temporary and distinct nature. She skillfully portrays the beauty and grace of the human body, the delicate transience of a blooming flower, and the breathtaking splendor of a sunset. Her favorite medium is watercolor, with its elusive mobility, transparency, fluidity, and rebellious character. “When I get an idea for a painting, I often mull it over for a while, considering the colors and making several sketches,” she says. “Surprisingly, the final painting usually ends up being quite different from those sketches. However, when I work with watercolors, I have to work quickly. I aim to finish the painting as fast as possible to capture the mood and keep my inspiration alive.” Originally from Russia, she and her husband moved to the U.S. when the war started in Ukraine. Since then, she has participated in four watercolor exhibitions across the USA, Turkey, and Mexico, received an Award of Excellence at the Miami Watercolor Society Spring 2023 exhibition and First Place at their Fall 2023 exhibition. “The world is a place of such breathtaking beauty,” she says. “To not take notice would be a great loss.”;