By Hook Or By Crook

Offering a sensational selection of seafood to our increasingly gourmand South Miami communities, Shelley’s provides an intimate experience relaxed and refined in equal measure.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | June 29, 2018 | Lifestyle

Unfortunately for our financial and downtown districts but fantastic for our city as a whole, the days of every must-try eatery being in one of a few notable regions of our metropolis has gone the way of the dodo, with true foodies having to travel to all edges of decadent Miami-Dade to sample the latest and greatest in Magic City cuisine. Nowhere is this concept more codified than at Shelley’s, a blissful touch of casual Left Coast elegance tucked secretly in the heart of South Miami. The latest luscious offering from fast-rising culinary superstar Chef Cleophus Hethington, this 30-seat seafood spot’s understated, yet homey décor, captivating cocktail menu with an emphasis on frozen varieties and palpable respect for its ingredients could spell big things for everyone involved in its inception. “We paired our vision of charming décor and inviting ambiance with high standards,” says Co-Owner Leonardo Rodrigues. “You can’t go wrong with fresh seafood, remarkable cuisine and consistently killer cocktails!”;