Candid Camera

The creative eye behind some of South Florida’s most beautiful commercial photography belongs to award-winning photographer Mike Butler. A gentle soul with a keen sense of beauty, he captures moments in all their glory.
Text Francesca Cruz Photos by Mike Butler | May 20, 2018 | People

Mike Butler’s images are polished & precise: a concrete and steal building with the perfect cobalt and Georgia peach-hued dusk. It’s as if, on cue, everything falls into place when he grabs his camera and readies his finger to click and shoot. Luck at worst, magic at best. It must be a Merlin thing (as in the sorcerer) for him. He honed his craft in Bangkok through raw and unedited scenes in that city and quickly developed his passion and his esthetic eye. Since then, he’s created impactful images in both the commercial and the art spheres. Now that’s a candid camera;