Caring Expertise

Aside from all the legal knowhow, personal injury specialist Ramon “Moncy” Blanco-Herrera believes that a lot of the work of an attorney is to be a counselor, to be there for clients and actually listen.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | April 28, 2022 | People

After successfully working in the Broward State Attorney’s Office for 4 years, Ramon (Moncy) Blanco-Herrera, Esq., wanted to continue helping people who have been wronged by others. Personal Injury was a natural transition. “I help people pick up the pieces after they’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence,” he says. “Many of the cases I take on require more than legal expertise — they require a friend you can depend on. We strive to provide that kind of service to all our clients with our responsive availability.” He recently took on a pro bono case for a mother and her daughter who were hit while riding a scooter. “I helped get them the full policy amount so they could move on with their lives,” he says. The powerhouse attorney also enjoys playing country club sports like tennis and golf and is an avid whisky collector. “None of that compares to how proud I am of my family,” he says. “I try to never miss a chance to spend time with them. My kids are my most unique accomplishment by far.” RRBH Law opened its doors nearly 7 years ago and has since helped thousands of people. “We also do a lot of philanthropic work in the community,” he says. “We love to sponsor events for local schools and organizations that need help.”;