Caring Yachtsmen

While the International SeaKeepers Society functions globally, they are making a significant impact locally with projects such as hydrophone installments in Miami, shark tagging off South Florida and much more.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 12, 2018 | Lifestyle

The SeaKeepers Discovery Yachts Program works closely with yachts owners to coordinate research projects including scientific expeditions, instrument deployments and outreach programs that reflect boat owner’s personal ocean-related interests. Participation options vary widely from a 10-minute instrument drop on the way to a favorite destination to an afternoon outreach trip with children or a fascinating week-long expedition with expert researchers. Plus, the donated yacht time may be tax deductible. Recent and ongoing projects have included water sampling, EDNA research, nanolander deployment, hydrophone deployment and retrieval, Global Finprint Bruv Surveys, drift card study, microplastics sampling, offshore plankton tows, Bahamian sponge genomics and urban shark surveys with the University of Miami. The E3 Cuba Experience: Ecology, Environment & Education works with students and scientists to help protect Cuban marine and coastal ecosystems;