Casa Canine

You can’t put just any dog house in the backyard of a multi-million dollar Key Biscayne home, especially if that backyard can be seen from the water. The Solution? An architecturally significant Dog Manor.
Text by Morgan Lindsey | May 7, 2018 | Lifestyle

The design of a Hecate Verona Dog Manor rivals that of the most lavish pool or guesthouse and may even exceed it. These classically detailed outbuildings feature A/C and heating, fine hardwoods and natural stone, including marble and dolomite. Man’s best friend is further accommodated with indoor/outdoor lights, cameras, treat dispensers, feeding systems — even TV and surround sound! The buildings, which cost between $40,000-$200,000, combine handicraft skills and high-end technology and years of building expertise as the company believes that true craftsmanship is defined by evolving and mastering the impossible. The result is so posh you may very well find your little kids wanting to have sleepovers with your pooch in his new home;