Cat’s Meow

Cats can enhance a home, but even the nicest of litter boxes drags it down. Enter Litter Robot. Stop scooping cat litter, neutralize odors, and give your kitty a clean bed of litter every time.
Words by Zelda Grant | February 23, 2023 | Lifestyle

There’s an app for that. The statement is true for just about everything these days, even your cat’s litter box. The Litter Robot 4 is a WiFi-enabled, automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats, featuring state-of-the-art sensors and litter-sifting technology for enhanced odor control and cat safety. It offers real-time tracking of waste and litter levels through the Whisker app. It includes a complementary fence for reduced litter tracking and step for increased ease of entry, which makes it perfect for young kittens or senior animals. An optional OdorTrap System boosts odor control even more as it neutralizes stinky litter box smells in a sealed waste drawer with carbon filter and OdorTrap packs. It’s a beefy $700, but you’ll never need to scoop again. Litter Robot’s patented sifting process quietly separates your kitty’s waste from the clean litter, ensuring a fresh bed of litter every time;