Childhood Fantasies

With a diverse background in teaching, advertising, television, film, graphic design, print, animation, illustration and painting, Miami artist Monica Yepes is never at a loss for inspiration for her stunning wall designs for baby, children and teen rooms.

“Children have taught me that distinguishing fact from fiction doesn’t mean you have to put aside the imagination or stop dreaming of a much more colorful and diverse world,” says Monica Yepes. “Their histories don’t have physical, temporary or spatial limits — anything goes and dreaming is important.” To achieve this latest evolution in her art, Monica Yepes listened to children. “I was surprised by their questions, answers and ideas,” she explains. This led her to see the world as children see it and modify her own reality. “I left the rigidity and rules of proportion in drawings and paintings,” she says. “I learned that imagination is more important than reality because reality often limits us in terms of lines, shapes and color.” The results are often simple designs with linear illustrations that avoid anything unnecessary with the goal of creating wall designs that can be understood and assimilated by all kinds of children. The vibrant results include nature in the form of jungles, gardens, butterflies, flowers and ocean designs, as well as traditional themes of princess and fairies aircraft, trains, sports and more;