Classic Reborn

From 1922 to 1990, Jaguars were the epitome of performance cars. Then Ford became the owner and Jags became rebadged as Taurus (Tauri?). Happily, things are looking up again.
Words by Bill Lindsey | December 27, 2019 | Luxury

Indian automaker Tata, who also rescued Land Rover from Ford, is re-establishing Jaguar (correctly pronounced “jag-u-are”) as a fine, fast, fun car. A wonderful example is the F-Type, the spiritual descendant of the iconic E-Type. As was the case with the “E,” coupe and convertible F-Types are offered, with three engine options — a turbocharged 296-hp 4-cylinder; a supercharged 340-hp V6; or a 380-hp supercharged V6 — to choose from. Sadly, manual transmissions are no longer available, resulting in shrieks of joy from Gen Z valets who lack the hand-foot coordination required to properly operate a stick shift vehicle. While the F-Type does not have the miles-long hood of the E-Type, it is nonetheless a very attractive piece of work. Rear-wheel drive allows you to fling the F-Type into corners with the windows down to rejoice in the glorious exhaust that conjures up visions of a WW2 Spitfire fighter plane as the kiddies bounce to and fro in the tiny rear seat. The Jag F-Type is fun reborn;