Closet Confidential

From “Wild Wild West”-inspired pieces to designer dresses, tennis threads and haute heels, what these stylish Key Biscayne women have decided to keep in their closets will make even the grandest department store or fashion boutique blush with envy.
Text By Jillian Lobato Photos By Jose Amigo | July 9, 2018 | People

Gown Fishin’
As a successful attorney in Southern Florida, it’s part of Christine Housen’s job to attend black-tie events throughout The Magic City…which means she’s usually decked out in gorgeous gowns designed by the likes of Roberto Cavalli, Robert Danes, Escada, Monique Lhullier and Badgley Mischka. “My hot-pink lace Versace would be the obvious choice when I pick up my Oscar for ‘Best Actress in a Comedy’,” she jokes of the sense of humor she carries around like an accessory when she plays dress up. Her “rule” is that if she’s been photographed and published in a dress, she gets to buy a new one. She admits that formal gowns are the only clothes she makes any substantial investment in. “I’m clinically uncoordinated and so hard on clothes that I would be mortified if I wrecked a beautiful designer piece I bought for everyday use,” she says. “I can’t be trusted not to fall into Hurricane Harbor or to step into an open can of paint…so I only invest in clothing that can be worn to occasions where those types of disastrous scenarios are highly unlikely!”

Haute Soles
When Ali Mejia was 9 years old, she begged her parents for a bunch of Keds shoes in different colors. “They only let me buy one pair so I decided on the white ones and then went home and painted all over them,” she laughs. This marked the beginning of her creativity and affinity for funky shoes. “Having the same shoe size as my mother, my first pair of beautiful shoes came from shopping in her closet when I was a teenager,” she says. “These days, she loves to come to my closet to borrow my shoes!” With her current collection up to 40 pairs, some of the best deals she’s stumbled upon throughout the years have been at Capretto in South Miami, Sawgrass Mills and Dolphin Mall. She also gets great deals online through sites like After recently having a baby and living in flats for 10 months, her love affair with shoes has finally been re-ignited. “Now I can’t stop wearing heels!” she exclaims. “Although heels aren’t without their faults, they’ll always make me feel skinnier, taller and sexier!”

Tennis Threads
Sol De Camps-Grimaux fell in love with tennis when her uncle gave her a tennis outfit as a present when she was just 8 years old. “I still have a fond memory of myself wearing and admiring the outfit and later saving up all my money just to buy a new one,” she says. Today, she has collected nearly 70 outfits and 7 rackets. “Maria Sharapova’s style inspires me to go searching for new looks at the Key Biscayne Island Athletic Store,” she explains. “I recently found an adorable white skirt with openings on both sides that’s my favorite item in my collection right now. Usually if they don’t have something that I really want or need, I ask them to order it for me.” But, she admits, there’s a downfall to looking her best on the courts. “When I’m playing mixed-doubles and my partner is serving, I have to inevitably bend down,” she laughs. “With the outfits I wear, I often find myself getting embarrassed when I notice my male counterparts finding it hard to concentrate! Men are terrible that way!”

Fringe Forte
Marilyn Myles’ obsession with the “Wild Wild West” started when her mother bought her a cowgirl costume for Halloween. Today, she has more than 50 western-style pieces in her closet. Among her current favorites are a tan-fringe pair of pants she bought at a local Goodwill store and a brown-fringe jacket she once got vinaigrette dressing spilled on by a waitress on South Beach. “It was my favorite jacket,” she says. “I had a fit!” Luckily, this unfortunately mishap didn’t stop her from pursuing other fringed delights. Myles makes it a point to travel out West every summer and anticipates the sport of scouring through towns searching for unique pieces whenever the mood strikes. “I put on a little fashion show for my friends after each trip,” she laughs. “I try to influence others by showing them how wearing fun clothes and dressing outside the box all contribute to a positive self-image!”