Command Center

Imagine a 100-inch screen that’s for your eyes only. On the road, in any room in the house, at the local coffee shop, even poolside, Sightful Spacetop uses Augmented Reality to creative the ultimate virtual workspace.
Words // Zelda Grant | November 26, 2023 | Lifestyle

With a radical reimagining of the modern worker, the Sightful Spacetop does away with a traditional physical computer monitor and replaces it with a pair of AR glasses as the display medium; aligning it with modern, flexible working practices and privacy needs. Designed for the “work from anywhere” mindset, it immerses users in a 100-inch virtual canvas, that can be designed into a personalized, clutter-free workspace. Unlike the size limitations of a 13- to 16-inch regular laptop screen, Spacetop allows users to keep all their key applications visible at all times. The company collaborated with Wistron and NReal to deliver a stunning, clear, high-resolution, immersive AR display. It allows users to engage with all web applications while maintaining real-world interaction. At $61 million in capitalization, they’re ready to go. A cool $2,000 gets you early access to this game-changing technology;