Compass Pets

With the change of season comes a bevy of possible outdoor activities. Looking for a perfect run partner, or just someone to console after a particularly punishing CrossFit session? Look no further than these lovable canine coaches.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | April 17, 2018 | Lifestyle

As essential to morning happiness as a cafecito, Java’s bright and buoyant attitude makes breaking the dawn with this doggone ideal specimen of caninehood a true pleasure. As fond of long walks across our urban landscape as she is patiently waiting at home for her master’s return, this magnificent mutt seems to be bred specifically to live in paradise;

A 5-year-old American Bulldog Mix with a disposition so desirable you’d sail across the seas just to get a snuggle in, we can’t understand why someone would leave Helen at the high-kill shelter she was found in. Loving, loyal and an all-around top-notch pooch, why not give Helen a second and final chance in your beachside abode?;

A beautiful Bulldog who has made quite the champion recovery with the help of some very loving local rescues, Penelope is proof positive that love conquers all! A ceaselessly silly girl who always knows how to have a good time (especially if it involves snoozing on a comfy sofa), Penelope would fit right in to a compassionate Key home with lots of love to spare!;

Fetch, Fido!
As a child, you had a dream of having a dog who you could throw a ball with and have him bring it back and drop it lovingly at your feet. Instead, you find yourself chasing Fido with him taunting you with that “catch me if you can” glare. Amazingly enough, your dog has trained you! What you’re currently doing is fetch in reverse! But we can learn from our dog and use that knowledge to beat him at his own game. First, hold the ball a few feet in front of him and move it around excitedly. Because dogs are naturally attracted to movement, this often piques their interest. Once you’ve got his attention, throw the ball no more than 5 feet away from you. If he goes to pick it up, quickly clap your hands and start running away from your dog while encouraging him to chase you. If your dog starts coming to you but stops short, just clap more while continuing to run away from him. Under no circumstances do you move toward him! Previously he refused to move in your direction, and now you’re going to refuse to move in his. The moment he gets close and drops the ball, immediately throw it. This is his reward. Don’t be discouraged if he will only fetch a few times in the beginning. Be sure to end the game while he’s still successful so that during subsequent play he’ll be more likely to fetch longer. The most important lesson of all? Be patient! There’s nothing we can’t do with our dogs when we combine play with their natural instincts. Happy fetching!

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