Contrast Therapy

Combining decades of hot tub innovation with an athlete’s passion for cold plunge, the most premium temperature therapy tubs on the market from Chilly Goat will keep you at your best all year long.
Words // Sandy Lindsey | June 26, 2024 | Lifestyle

There’s no better way to maximize the mind/body benefits of temperature contrast water therapy than inside of a Chilly Goat Tub. Most cold tub brands start by seeking an alternative to ice baths. At Chilly Goat, they were already experts in premium home spas, so they asked themselves how they could make cold-water therapy feel more like a world-class spa experience. They started with a brawny 2.1 h.p. chiller to cool water to a brisk 40 degrees; while heating things up to a soothing 104 degrees on the hot tub side. Their innovative Valaris Terrain Hot Tub + Cold Tub features a powerful chiller, state-of-the-art UV filtration system, and meticulously designed inner tubs to support the body with built-in seats, armrests, non-slip flooring and an upper deck for isolated submersion. Not interested in heat therapy? Want something smaller? Check out the Alpine Terrain Cold Tub that’s half the size;