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Conversation Pieces

For over 30 years, Art Of Old India has showcased some of the world’s most exotic imports including roofs of old temples that are now beautiful pieces of wall art and hand-carved polychrome animals on wood that adorn forts and palaces.
Text by Sandy Lindsey & Stacy Wynn | May 19, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

A handmade console with antique iron railings. An intriguing folding bar in a mother-of-pearl inlay. Just recently, they began creating their own pieces as well. Looking to add something exceptional to your décor? Available locally at Farrey’s Lighting & Bath; 888.854.5483;

Everyone wants to live in a streamlined, organized, beautiful home, but each homeowner, house and living situation is different. Which is where California Closets comes in. They have over 35 years of experience and innovation in the home storage industry and are committed to solving each client’s unique storage needs by designing a system that suits each person’s individual taste and lifestyle requirements. It’s a seamless blending of form and function with intuitive design, superior products and excellent customer service;

The designers at California Closets have dealt with a wide variety of storage problems and solutions over their 3 decades in the category. So we picked their brains for some quick tips that work in any situation.
Text by Stacy Wynn

Walk-In Closet
Sort first then decide if you’re going to keep, donate or discard. Then create sightlines with the remaining items. You can’t wear what you don’t see. Fold and stack items on shelves so that you’re reminded of what you have.


Media Center
Tame technology by hiding cords and cables behind cabinetry. Use sliding doors to conceal flat-screen TVs, DVD players, etc., when not in use. Personalize the design with open spaces for the display of special items.


The Entryway
Assign each member a personal cubby, basket, hook or drawer for their personal belongings. Have a dedicated cubby for mail or wallet/keys. A recycling bin on a shelf allows you to quickly discard junk mail.