Conversation Starter

Toss out the paper translation guide. Pocketalk breaks down the language barrier to allow direct communication with people you used to have to play charades with to be understood.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | February 28, 2020 | Lifestyle

Want to order a cappuccino in Rome? Get directions to the hottest new club in Greece? Or just talk to a new neighbor who just moved next door from across the globe? Pocketalk unlocks endless possibilities with its ability to translate 74 languages quickly and correctly. The Original model offers the ability to be understood in 128 countries with dual mics, noise cancellation technology and strong speakers in order to speak and hear easily in noisy places. The battery lasts 7 hours in use or 10 days in sleep mode, while powering the large touch screen to provide text translations for additional clarity. Frequent software updates are available, so the experience is continuously improving. That said, the 2020 edition is available for pre-order and adds some cool new features including a camera that translates text, written words and signs — because languages aren’t just spoken, they’re interpreted;