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Cool Threads

Ever notice how much tougher your daily workout gets in the summer heat? Arctic Heat’s lightweight Cooling Vest provides an effective, comfortable solution. The vest weighs only 2 pounds and can be worn easily under a T-shirt to maximize outdoor exertion. Available for $189.95 at

Jaw Jammer
Human beings are hard-wired to clench their jaw when engaging in struggle or competition. It’s part of the fight-or-flight instinct. But gritting those pearly whites actually causes your body to release energy-sapping hormones. That’s something that dentist Dr. Randy Furshman, an active tri-athlete, learned when he discovered Under Armour’s new Performance Mouthwear. The ArmourBite technology comfortably relieves pressure on your jaw, allowing you to compete at your best. For a fitting, call 305.598.2622 or visit

Inner Beauty
You can look for it outside yourself but, you will never find it. Inner beauty comes from within. It’s a state of experiencing the wholeness of your entire being in harmony and balance in the present moment. We experience our inner beauty when we are aligned with our life’s purpose and with all aspects of our self. Individuals attuned to their inner beauty exude a vibrant presence that feels uplifting and energizing. Their inner state brings a sense of pleasure and contentment in others. Journey inward to re-experience the natural state of yourself with these simple exercises:

1. Notice qualities within yourself that help you to find meaning, pleasure and satisfaction. Allowing yourself to feel love, joy, gratefulness and compassion for your being enhances inner beauty.

2. Close your eyes and notice the breath that inspires you. Allow yourself to witness the sensations of your breath without judgment. How do deep and slow breaths make you feel on the inside?

3. The experience of inner beauty is ever-changing. Our thoughts, beliefs, breath and actions all affect our inner state. Pausing to feel, breathe and observe brings us closer to experiencing the inner beauty that’s our natural state. We just need to remind ourselves to look within.

› Michelle Maniaci, PT, RYT, EHP, dedicates her career to helping people reach their full potential. She provides Energetic Wellness and Healing Services at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach, one of the premier health and wellness destinations in the country. For more, call 305.514.7000 or visit

“Cigarette sales would drop to zero overnight if the warning said Cigarettes Contain Fat.”
— Dave Barry

Healthy Loss
Don’t aim to lose double digits when adjusting your diet and exercise program. And don’t overdo it, either. The biggest hurdle when it comes to weight loss is injury that keeps you from hitting the gym.




Fatty Feast
Next time you’re out at your favorite restaurant, ask the GM for a listing of the ingredients in your favorite dish, or even better, the nutritional facts per serving. You may be surprised (and shocked)!




Beet It!
If you have a family history of kidney stones, you may want to avoid eating beets at all costs. The vegetable contains high amounts of oxalates, which are tied to calcium-based stones. Reducing salt also helps.