Cowboy Time

Ralph Lauren is best known for his ability to capture the rugged elegance of the Old West in his clothing lines. He now works his magic in leather and precious metals, as seen in his iconic American Western timepiece collection.
Words by Bill Lindsey | March 31, 2019 | Luxury

Vintage timepieces from the Old West are highly sought after by horologists for their handcrafted engraving and classically elegant details. However, while their design endures, the mechanical components rarely do, resulting in most being relegated to shelves in display cases. This new collection from Ralph Lauren celebrates the style of the Old West while featuring thoroughly modern mechanisms that make sure we get the little ones to soccer practice on time. The wristwatches are classic, with hand-tooled leather straps and intricately filigreed casings fashioned from sterling silver or rose gold worthy of a Rodeo Championship buckle. Three breathtaking designs utilizing manually wound and automatic mechanisms are joined by a Skelton Watch that provides a view of the mechanism in action. Pocket watches are rarely encountered, making the limited run of 50 American Pocket Watches an instant heirloom. The hand-engraved 50mm sterling silver housing featuring a steer with ruby eyes, protects a manually-wound 18-jewel mechanism with a 45-hour power reserve. Jessie James would have loved this watch;