Creative Unity

Lucid Design District’s Chroma is centered around Payal Tak’s belief that if a myriad of colors can peacefully coexist on a single canvas, then why can’t humans peacefully coexist on a single planet?
Words by Stacy Wynn | December 25, 2022 | People

For more than 30 years, while focusing on her self-made IT business, Payal Tak relied heavily on creating art as her go-to activity to re-energize at the end of her day. “I would often paint late into the night while listening to Sufi music,” she says. “Acrylic paints are my preferred medium, although I also work with oil and mixed media.” Now, at a stage of life that has allowed her to devote all of her time to art, she has established Lucid Art Gallery to share her creations and to welcome national and international artists, providing a platform to share their works with art lovers. The inaugural exhibition, Chroma, which is curated by Graciela Montich, features works from Tak and Montich as well as Brandon Clarke, Elidea, Enrique Alfonso, Gustavo Ramirez Cruz, Heather Lynn, Ramses Llufrio, Robert Frankel, Romina Garbarino and Simi Bhandari;