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Crystal Healing

Crystals have been catching everyone’s attention lately — because honestly, nothing can spice up an outfit like a beautiful Rose Quartz necklace or a Tiger Eye’s ring. But learning about these beauties and their healing and cleansing properties is complicated. This short guide is sure to clean things up for you, pun intended.
Text by Ros Prado | May 25, 2018 | Beauty & Wellness

This is a colorful and affordable gem that’s absolutely stunning. It comes in plenty of different colors, so you’re sure to find one that catches your eye. Very commonly used in jewelry, it’s believed to promote spiritual development, truth, protection, stability and peace while absorbing and neutralizing negative vibrations. Best of all, it energizes the body and increases concentration and decision-making.


This stone makes for a beautiful autumn accessory. With its orangey/red hues, it knows how to amp up an outfit. It’s also used as an energy booster. Use it to increase inner strength, calm a bad temper and protect against fear. It’s also been used for help with infertility and as an aid for vitality and metabolism. This crystal is particularly special because it can be used to cleanse other stones.



Rose Quartz
This stone has a beautiful rose tone that pairs well with gold. Its beauty is subtle yet so powerful it’s linked with healing, soothing and calming. Additionally, Rose Quartz encourages love and can help open the heart to new possibilities. Hanging this crystal around your neck in times of sadness will boost natural healing…or at the very least, make for a killer necklace.



These beauties are purple in color but vary from a lovely mellow lilac to deeper shades. In ancient Greek mythology, it was believed to protect its owner from drunkenness. The stone encourages self-control, calms harsh emotions, aids with rest and brings much-needed stability into your life. Overall, it’s believed to promote spiritual calm, among many other benefits.