Culinary Paradise

As if you needed another incentive to purchase a little piece of paradise: Mayakoba Residence’s luxurious Banyan Tree & Rosewood resorts are also home to a host of mouth-wateringly enticing restaurants. From the Agave Azul Tequila Library & Raw Bar to the delicate Thai flavors of Saffron, there’s something for just about every set of tastebuds. Be sure not to miss Ixchel: Goddess Of The Moon, Banyan Tree’s dining trajinera on the Mayakoba lagoon;

Smart Guides
Want a passport to travel that goes beyond the ordinary? Pick up this LUXE European Grand Tour Box Set, which features LUXE’s expertly catered guides to 8 of the continent’s greatest destinations, from Berlin to Istanbul. The guides are sleek and intuitive, forgoing the fat in favor of exactly the stuff you need to best enjoy your journey. And just so you’re never out of date, the guides include access to constant online updates with the latest and most accurate information; $75,

So Fly
Tired of delays, long lines, tiny seats and the other host of inconveniences that go along with air travel? You’d be surprised how many of them disappear when you opt for a private air service instead. Skip the hassle of security screenings…with private air travel, you simply park, shake hands with your crew, then sit back and relax. With over 3,000 private airports, as opposed to a mere 500 or so commercial options, you’ve got a huge range of options for landing close to your destination, which means less time wasted with traveling to and from your plane. Enjoy complete privacy as you fly exactly when you want. Don’t like flying in bad weather? Wait for the storm to pass. It’s completely up to you. It sounds like a daydream, but the truth is, taking advantage of this option doesn’t require buying into a big program, putting forward a bit capital commitment or signing yourself onto a long-term contract. Unity Jets offers all the advantages of a private air firm without the years-long contract. In founding Unity Jets, we wanted to create a boutique, personalized experience, applying best practices from my over 6 years working as SVP for Marquis Jet/NetJets. With Unity, we offer the same level of safety and service, without restrictions and commitments, and at a substantial discount, making private air an intelligent choice for a whole new range of savvy travelers.

› Kevin Diemar is the CEO/President of Unity Jets, a boutique private jet brokerage firm. For more information or to discuss private aviation options, call 888.758.JETS or visit

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake.
The great affair is to move.”
— Robert Louis Stevenson

Strange Geometry
No, it’s not a box with rind-colored wrapping paper — this is a square watermelon, a novelty delicacy in Japan. They’re the result of placing small melons inside of glass cases, which constrict the fruit’s growth.




Phone Vs. Toilet
According to India’s most recent census, more people in the country have access to mobile phones, at 59% of the population, than to toilets — including pit latrines — which are found in only 47% of homes.




Odd Punishment
Trying to curb cop misbehavior, the police chief of Bangkok, Thailand, instituted a strange punishment…forcing disobedient officers to wear pink Hello Kitty armbands. The plan backfired when cops started coveting them as souvenirs.