Dangerous Curves

The Mercedes E-Class used to be a stylish, but less-than-exciting option, but suddenly it seems like a pure bad boy in a bespoke suit.

You can almost hear the 2014 E-Class quietly growling as you approach it; the all-new, subtly aggressive exterior accented by distinctive LED lights is the first clue this is not your accountant’s car. Best of all, it’s not all looks and no go; the 7-speed paddle-shifter-actuated transmission is linked to an all-wheel drive system that translates into superglue-like traction on windy roads and actually makes driving on wet roads something to look forward to. No need to worry if your most recent experience involving performance driving involved an X-Box…Mercedes’ Agility Control is basically like having Michael Shoemaker at your side, keeping things pointed in the correct direction while making it look easy. The interior is just as impressive, wrapping around you as you settle into the leather seats and behold the instrument panel that would be at home on any AMG sport coupe. Looking for a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Here it is; 305.445.8593;