Dashing Ride

Combine the heyday of the moped with the modern elan and versatility of an on/off-road e-bike and you’ve got Onyx Motorbikes new RCR — ready to turn heads at the twist of the throttle.
Words by Stacy Wynn | December 25, 2022 | Lifestyle

Underneath the classic good looks of the Onyx Motorbike RCR is a versatile machine that’s ready to rock and roll with 3,000 watts of power, a 60 mph top speed and a go-anywhere 75-mile range. Experience the power-band torque of kitted two stroke motors throughout the entire RPM range. Get up to speed in 4 seconds or take it off road and unleash the full potential. Electric motors reach peak power and torque instantly from 0 rpm while maintaining more consistent power and torque throughout the entire range and drive modes: Eco, Normal and Sport. The front suspension is EBR aluminum, the frame is made of automotive grade steel, and the bright projector halo headlight is designed to light your way to adventure. Onyx Motorbikes are known for being built tough, fun to ride and nostalgic with updated affordable electric drive-trains. The RCR is a standout;