Debt Warrior

You know what’s missing from your financial management tactics? Social networking, apparently. Enter the site, which combines traditional services like bank accounting linking and financial analysis software with a sort of money-oriented Facebook. Post your financial dreams and goals, or share tips with friends trying to reduce debt. Meeting goals earns you “badges” you can show off. Sometimes they come with surprise cash rewards. After all, let’s face it: We all behave better when we know someone’s watching;

Useful Gadget
Is it a phone, or a computer? It’s getting harder and harder to tell these days, especially when it comes to the new Motorola Atrix 4G. This flashy little number brings the computing power of smartphones to a new level, with a full Firefox browser and support for Adobe Flash. All that, and the tiny package includes up to 2 GHz of processing power. But the coolest innovation of all? The Laptop Dock, which turns your Atrix into a “laptop” with an 11.6” screen and full keyboard;

Red Light
New to the City of Miami is the “Red Light Program” which in some ways may profit from your legal right turn on a red light. Some recipients of these violations have challenged the State of Florida for what they felt was a violation of their constitutional rights. Cited violators have argued that the camera company is benefiting from the tickets and that very little of the revenue even goes to the City of Miami. Arguments state that almost 50% of a $158 ticket issued to the registered owner of the vehicle goes to the camera company. With this program comes the presumption that the owner of the vehicle is “guilty” unless the owner provides “under oath” the identification of the individual using the vehicle at the time of the alleged violation. For small business owners with company vehicles, this can be impracticable, impossible and downright annoying. Individuals who have never violated a red light may find themselves liable for thousands of dollars worth of traffic tickets and, in addition, may have their driver’s license suspended. Pursuant to the camera program, tell on someone or pay. Constitutional issues regarding the cameras and the parameters regarding the red light program are pending before various tribunals. At which time, higher courts will determine if “guilty before proven innocent” passes constitutional muster. If you are a victim being accused of violating a red light, please contact an attorney who can advise you accordingly on your legal rights or call our office for a free consultation.

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“When it comes to finances, remember that there are no withholding taxes
on the wages of pure sin.”
— Mae West

Old Money
Find a box of cash under Grandpa’s mattress? Those old bills are still valid currency, but banks won’t adjust for inflation. A $100 from 1861 is still worth $100, not its inflation-adjusted equivalent of $2,359.




Big Paper
The highest-value paper note ever issued in the U.S. was for $100,000. It featured a portrait of Woodrow Wilson, and was used only for transferring funds between the Treasury and Federal Reserve.




Writer’s Cramp
When paper money debuted in 1861, those signatures on the bills were genuine: a representative of the Treasury hand-signed each one. Thanks to cramped wrists, the practice only lasted one year.