Desk Art

Clocks were once exclusively affixed to walls or pressed up against them, as in your grandfather’s old cuckoo clock. As time passed (pun intended, or course), they ended up in digital form on a nightstand near you and have more recently been replaced by cell phones and watches. The Medusa Clock takes the concept of time into the future — and beyond.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | February 28, 2019 | Lifestyle

Clocks serve the supremely important task of measuring time, an ephemeral, invisible yet most definitely impacting reality. All that’s required to manage the concept of time is an hour, second and minute hand rotating around a 12-hour dial. But for those with the soul of an artist who seek a tighter connection, you may want to invest in a Medusa Clock. The firm of MB&F, known for outlandish and impassioned watches, has joined forces with Swiss clockmaker L’Epee to create a better way to monitor time. The Medusa consists of an intricate 2.5 Hz/18,000 vph movement pulsating beneath a transparent dome of hand-blown glass taking the form of a jellyfish. Inside, two rotating dials, one for the hour, the other dedicated to minutes. Four legs raise it above the table or desk, giving it the look of an alien that has only recently crawled from its UFO or the depths of the sea;