Different Position

Think a luxury timepiece has to be worn on the wrist? These 2 stunning pieces gorgeously prove otherwise…and it’s about time!

Bold Statement
Stark, iconic, and innovative…these are just a few of the words that come to mind when we see the Cartier Skeleton Pocket Watch, the brand’s bold take on an admittedly vintage style. Created in a limited edition of just 10 pieces, the watch combines an elegant skeleton style with a top-of-the-line mechanism, the Calibre 9436 Renaud et Papi. We’re loving the cool, classic look of the perfectly finished white gold and the elegant use of roman numerals to surround the dial; Cartier.US.

Luxurious Charm
Once a must-have for Edwardian high-society, the pendant watch is making a comeback, thanks to offerings like this Venus from Century. Gorgeously accented with diamonds both inside and out, this shell-shaped piece takes its inspiration from classical mythology. The result is a truly stunning piece in white gold and black sapphires, both a remarkable timepiece and an eye-catching piece of fine jewelry that’s sure to turn heads;