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Distinctive Spaces

Family-owned Fine Line Furniture & Accessories, distinguished by its ability to create distinctive residential and commercial environments reflecting each client’s unique essence, is now in Key Biscayne.
Words // Stacy wynn | November 26, 2023 | Design & Real Estate

Saturating its projects with a global array of timeless, sophisticated home décor from Fine Line not only appeals to everyone, but also captures and conveys each client’s unique style. It all starts with the fabulous Fine Line’s upscale boutique showroom in the heart of Miami — and as of this November, an exciting new location in Key Biscayne. Emmy Bodnar founded the firm in 1986, and has been joined by several talented family members and staff including her daughter, Brianna, and son, Edward. Brianna Brown, a partner in the company, was determined to bring their vision to Key Biscayne. Anyone who meets this dynamic family invariably hears a very special quote, which captures their unique spirit. “There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. We like to push the limit.” Indeed, beyond Fine Line’s irresistible array of merchandise, the team’s commitment to “push the limit” is part of the unique magic, which has positioned them as the go-to partners for high-end, sophisticated residential and commercial projects;