Dog House

Move over, nanny cams. Forget the Nest doorbell. Or Ring. Or Flock. The latest must-have home video monitoring device is the Furbo Dog Camera. Woof!
Words by Morgan Lindsey | January 30, 2020 | Lifestyle

More than just a puppy cam, the Furbo Dog Camera is a combination home entertainment system/babysitter for your furbaby. You can toss treats remotely (this gets two paws up!) to play “catch” throughout the day via the free Furbo app. Or you can use Alexa to schedule treat-tossing hands-free. Canine fun aside, the unit is, however, first and foremost a camera, with Full HD 1080p resolution including night vision and a 160-degree wide-angle lens. You can set it to send notifications of important dog-related events, including dog activities and person detection, as well as logging a doggie diary, which allows you to view highlights of your dog’s day. It can also take darling selfies when your dog is facing the camera. Plus, it will notify you went it detects barking so you can monitor, comfort and talk to your pet while you’re away;