Dream Flight

Most people who experience the rush of flying in a jetfighter at 500 mph in tight formation pay for it with several years of active military service. The more practical ones just buy a Breitling Edition Bentley.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 16, 2018 | Luxury

Imagine driving down I-95 at 125 miles an hour, in a pack of 7 cars, each mere feet away. That’s tame compared to joining the Breitling Jet Team for a day. Piloted by an elite group of former French Air Force aviators, the 7-plane Breitling Jet Team (there’s actually an 8th plane, but it’s a spare) is world-famous for their acrobatic skills. Just purchase a Breitling Edition Bentley, which comes with a Jet Team timepiece, and you’ll be on the list. If the garage is already full, buy about a dozen Breitling timepieces. The team flies a fleet of sleek black Albatross fighterjets, each with a seat in the back for a passenger. After experiencing the pull of several Gs as you do barrel rolls and loops, you’ll never complain about airliner turbulence again. Surprise bonus: You get to keep the uber-cool flight suit;