Dressed & Impressed

I learned very early on that personal style is a very important tool to add to the arsenal of life.
Words by Jorge Arauz | August 27, 2019 | Lifestyle

“Dressing to impress is just one part of the equation — developing useful skills, gaining experience, being dedicated and motivated, helping others, staying humble and being a good person are also essential aspects of a successful life.”

 Your clothing is perhaps the easiest thing you can change about yourself. Improving your wardrobe is a great way to kick-start a new challenge, dive into a new mindset or explore new career and social opportunities. Your intentions matter and how you dress shows the world how much you do — or don’t — care about how you are perceived. Success comes from taking a deliberate approach to things — and your wardrobe is no exception. First impressions matter and the way you dress speaks volumes about who you are and your personality without ever having to say a word. Speaking up with your style choices is one of the most powerful forms of communication you can invest in — and a strong ROI is the best accessory anyone could ask for.