Ear Candy

If you want to make sure heads turn toward you at your next formal soiree, the Estate Platinum Cartier Emerald & Marquise Cut Diamond Drop Earrings may be just what you need to make your outfit pop. But at $95,000, you’d better make sure wherever you wear them is worth every penny! To get a pair, visit

Style Wave
Colombian fashion designer Martha Rey is set to make quite the spash in Miami with a new collection of lifestyle and hand-dyed swimwear. Rey’s designs go beyond the norm avant-garde sense of style and showcase her command of the unknown. She deliberately delineates a perfect balance between pulsating ethnic textures and psychedelic icons where the color palette runs from earthy to powerful exoticism, giving a whole new meaning to the power of expression on and off the beach. To schedule a private look at the collection, call 305.379.6066 ext. 206.

“The difference between style and fashion is quality.”
— Giorgio Armani

Wardrobe Changes
When filming for the Sex And The City movie was completed, Sarah Jessica Parker had gone through an astounding 300 wardrobe changes for the film!




Shoe Mania
The average American woman has 19 pairs of shoes in her closet at any one time. Married women also hide additional pairs from their husbands in their girlfriends’ closets.




Hat Attack
Made popular during the Indiana Jones days, Fedoras are well on their way back into the limelight. Brown, gray and black are the preferred colors this season.