Earth Trek

Torn between enjoying a luxury vacation and protecting the environment? You don’t have to be! Green travel is the new way to travel responsibly while still enjoying your time at your destination of choice around the world.
Text Ros Prado | June 3, 2018 | Lifestyle

To kick off any eco-friendly vacation the right way, pick a non-stop flight. Planes actually release the most carbon emission during take-off and landing, so the less flights you have to take, the better…besides, who has time to sit around waiting for a connection?! Once at your destination, try to get around by foot or bike. Not only are these alternatives to cabs a lot more fun, they also help reduce pollution. If you absolutely need a car, rent a hybrid. And when choosing a hotel, aim for options that promote green practices. Another thing you can do to help the environment while globetrotting is to try as often as possible to buy local — these items haven’t been shipped in from another country which saves emissions. Plus, helping local farmers and business owners will also warm your heart. And that’s a perk you should aim for no matter what’s on your green agenda.