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Earth Walls

If the environment is important to you but you don’t want to sacrifice quality and vibrancy when it comes to the paint that adorns your interiors, these eco-friendly alternatives are sure to add a whole new dimension to any home.

Clay Paint
This option is comprised of earth-based minerals and uses mostly water as a solvent. Colors range from natural earth tones to an assortment of blue, white and orange hues. This type of paint easily adheres to most surfaces and also functions as an effective odor-absorber.


Lime Wash
This reasonably inexpensive green alternative to traditional paint forms a glowing finish that comes in a variety of colors and creates a unique antique look once dried. Most lime wash brands can only be used on porous materials such as brick, wood, plaster and concrete.


Milk Paint
Made of casein, this paint is mixed with water, clay and earth pigments. Available in powdered form, it’s mixed with water and then used immediately to prevent the paint from clumping. This option is only available in a matte finish.

“We’re a long, long way from home. Home is a long, long way from us.”
— Bruce Springsteen

Safe ‘Hood
The #1 thing homebuyers with young kids look for when shopping around for the perfect neighborhood is low crime rates…followed by that “Dream Home” gut feeling.




So “Know”sy
Going through someone’s medicine cabinet is not only a horrible thing to do, it will also give you great insight into who they really are on the other side of the mirror.




Striped Tub
Kohler is known for making some of the most innovative home essentials in the world. Their limited-edition cast iron striped tub is no exception. Available through Kohler Germany.