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Divorce & Children
The divorce process is very difficult on adults. Imagine how it must be for children! To protect children from such a tough process, they need a safe place where they can open up and share their feelings. The therapy process is crucial. Through Talk Therapy & Art Therapy, children will be able to express their feelings, concerns and/or fears. I always include the parents in this therapeutic process, teaching them how to co-parent together. After all, although the marriage is over, parenting never stops. Benefits of therapy for children of divorce include:
Helps children share their feelings with both parents.
Many children may do poorly in school when their parents separate or are in conflict. Therapy helps them handle these pressures.
Helps children understand that they are not to blame. Many children feel they are the cause of the break-up.
Helps children with accepting dividing their time equally with both parents. Oftentimes, children will prefer one parent over another and that can become a problem. They learn that both parents play a significant role in their life and understand the unique qualities of each parent.
Often children tend to be “caught in the middle” of their parents’ problems. Through therapy, children learn to not be messengers for their parents.
Parents become involved in the therapy process, and therefore they can better understand their child’s feelings and learn how to be an excellent parent.

› Lisette Beraja is a Psychotherapist, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Founder of Beraja Counseling Center. For more than 10 years, she’s provided guidance and counseling to individuals, families and couples. She’s also a Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator and an 11th Judicial Court approved Parenting Coordinator; 305.858.7763;

“Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.”
— Erica Mann Jong

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