Ecological Rescue

By incorporating invasive Burmese python leather into their sophisticated bags, The Piper & Skye x Inversa Collection aims to protect the Florida Everglades and other critical ecosytems.
Words // Zelda Grant | August 28, 2023 | Lifestyle

The stunning new collection from Piper & Skye x Inversa was inevitable, after Joanna MacDonald, Founder & Creative Director of Piper & Skye, and Aarav Chavda, Founder & CEO of Inversa, connected over their shared intention to leave the planet in better shape than they found it. Dedicated to raising the bar for luxury, Piper & Skye creates sustainable luxury bags with a genuine concern for humanity and the planet using ethically-sourced materials such as pirarucu and alligator leather; while Inversa makes environmentally regenerative leathers from invasive species, such as lionfish and Florida’s Burmese python. The collection includes two new bags, the Soho Handbag and the Braemar Tote, and a portion of the proceeds goes to the nonprofit organization Conservational International. Piper & Skye has also launched a new accessory that captures the spirit of the season: the Rio Raffia Beach Bag, with its stylish raffia exterior, sourced responsibly from renewable, low-impact materials, trimmed with the brand’s signature sustainable Pirarucu leather, and lined with cotton;;