Editor’s Picks Services

Maritza Minor Photography
Throughout South Florida
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[email protected]
Why we picked it: Because a beautiful photograph is worth a thousand words, Maritza Minor will ensure that yours speak wonders. Put your memories in the hands of someone you can trust.

Pine Creek
Sporting Club
23721 NE 48th Ave.
Okeechobee, FL 34972
Why we picked it: It’s Florida’s finest upland bird plantation, with a limited opportunity to own a piece of unspoiled old Florida, with fully furnished luxury cabins and 40-acre Ranch properties.

& Damas
1000 Brickell Ave., Ste. 1005
Miami, FL 33131
Why we picked it: Hiring an attorney is an important decision and one should always feel comfortable with their choice. Adorno-Cunill & Damas is here to provide the legal service you deserve.

Key Biscayne Pest Control
255 Galen Dr.
Key Biscayne, FL 33149
Why we picked it: Nothing can ruin your day like uninvited creatures. Whether its rodents, spiders, ants or termites, Key Biscayne Pest Control can restore your peace of mind.

Key Cleaners
180 Crandon Blvd
Key Biscayne, FL
Why we picked it: They believe in providing the highest-quality, most convenient services, whether you need to dryclean a business shirt or preserve a wedding dress, you can trust these guys to do it well and at the most favorable rates.

Malena Assing Photography
Throughout South Florida
Why we picked it: Life can get pretty hectic and dark, but Malena Assing’s photography represents instances of life permeated with light. Her work is uplifting and filled with hope for the present and the future.

Lancaster & Reed CPAs
50 West Mashta Dr., Ste. 6
Key Biscayne, FL 33149
Why we picked it: When you need to minimize the U.S. taxation of international transactions, Lancaster & Reed has innovative and complex solutions and years of experience.

Computer Maintenance, Inc.
Camilo Diaz
[email protected]
Why we picked it: If a functioning computer is paramount for business or life in general, a computer maintenance company is even more vital. You can trust these guys to keep your PC in tip-top shape.

KB Community Foundation
50 W. Mashta Dr., Ste. 3
Key Biscayne, FL 33149
Why we picked it: This organization empowers and enables residents to make a positive impact through programs, grants, scholarships and community leadership.

Magellan International Mortgage
260 Crandon Blvd., Ste. 9
Key Biscayne, FL 33149
Why we picked it: Finding the right loan can be overwhelming and stressful, luckily Magellan International Mortgage makes it easy to find a loan that meets your specific purchase needs.

Arch & McMorris Wealth
Management Group Of
Wells Fargo Advisors
333 SE 2nd Ave.
Miami, Fl 33131
Why we picked it: This leading team of advisors establishes relationships with their clientele in order to make every move and every decision based on their values and what’s right for the customer.

Piquet Law Firm
801 Brickell Ave., Ste. 1610
Miami, FL 33131
Why we picked it: Corporate Law can sometimes be an intimidating topic, but you can surely trust this firm to provide expert ethical advice and top-notch services that will produce favorable results for you, your business and your life.

Banco do Brasil
800 Brickell Ave., Ste. 103
Miami, Florida 33131
Why we picked it: With its roots in Brasil, Banco do Brasil understands the importance of feeling welcomed. With each branch being managed and staffed by multilingual individuals, you’ll always feel right at home, no matter where you’re from.

Foram Group
600 Brickell Ave., Ste. 1400
Miami, FL 33131
Why we picked it: This leading company is deeply committed to sustainable building practices and the creation of enduring properties while expanding its forward-thinking philosophy that sets the perfect tone for future development.

Sabadell United Bank
1111 Brickell Ave., Ste. 3010
Miami FL 33131
Why we picked it: This financial institution has a commitment to upholding the traditional principles it was established upon in 1881 while continuing to innovate. They strive to keep their promise to be “For Modern Times, A Classic Bank.”

Charles Schwab
1000 Brickell Ave., Ste. 201
Miami, FL 33131
Why we picked it: They use an innovative approach to serving investors and solving their needs in order to create a better investing experience and change people’s lives, no matter what the financial goals.

Premium Finance Group
255 Alhambra Cir., Ste. 1200
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Why we picked it: As the premier provider of life insurance solutions for individuals and corporations, they offer U.S. and foreign nationals the best products issued by top-rated life insurance companies worldwide.

2246 SW 1st St.
Miami, FL 33136
Why we picked it: This amazing volunteer-based organization connects people, passion & philanthropy in South Florida through large-scale community events celebrating the arts, non-profits and community resources.

Key Languages
800 Crandon Blvd., Ste. 101
Key Biscayne, FL 33149
Why we picked it: Their mission is to transform people’s lives through languages. To do so, they hire native speakers with teaching skills who have the necessary experience to lead a student through the process of learning a new tongue.

DesignOne Graphics
Throughout South Florida
Why we picked it: If you’re looking for visuals that break the mold and get the attention of your intended audience, Nora Camejo has weaved her expertise and taken the printables and websites of her clients to new heights for more than 20 years.

Buzz Through Words
Throughout South Florida
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Why we picked it: Need to get your message out as effectively as possible? For this company, creating buzz is second nature. From print and online content to copy writing, editing and creative direction, this is a one-stop shop of creation.

Perland Title
1110 Brickell Ave., Ste. 430
Miami, Florida 33131
Why we picked it: Their team is committed to protect The American Dream for home owners & investors and understand how important it is for most people to invest in property. They help make the process smooth and painless.

Two Parrot
Throughout South Florida
Why we picked it: This incredible production company produces mini documentaries for non-profit organizations. They believe humanitarian efforts are more successful when spread far & wide through social media channels and word of mouth.

Peacock PR
2332 Galiano St., Ste. 130
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Why we picked it: This leading firm’s mission is to elevate visibility while strengthening their relationships with key people and places around the world. If you need effective, buzz-worthy publicity, they are the best.