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The Kumon Method started from a parent’s love when Toru Kumon developed the materials and guiding principles to help his 8-year-old son excel at school and beyond. Founded in Japan in 1958, the learning method uses an individualized approach that helps children develop a solid command of math and reading skills.
Text by Stacy Wynn | May 22, 2018 | Lifestyle

Now in Miami on Coral Way, Kumon’s afterschool math and reading enrichment program unlocks the potential of children so they can achieve more on their own. Through daily practice and mastery of materials, students increase confidence, improve concentration and develop better study skills. Instead of passively receiving instruction from teachers or tutors, Kumon students actively develop self-learning skills. Consistency is another important factor. Students complete short daily assignments via 2 sessions a week at Kumon Center and 5 at home. They also receive individualized plans. This personalized approach helps children learn concepts based on their ability rather than their age or grade. Each child’s individualized plan can be adjusted over time as needed. This method allows students to progress at their own pace while allowing them to build a strong foundation, gain confidence and enhance their independent learning skills.

› Maria Silva Costa owns and operates the recently opened Kumon of Miami Coral Way East. Kumon has a presence in 48 countries, over 4 million students worldwide and is the largest afterschool math and reading program in the world; 2521 Coral Way; 305.351.0615;

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Start Coloring
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Breathe In
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Wine With An “H”
“Let’s go get a glass of whine” has become the midday work code to take 5 minutes away with a co-worker to vent. The sooner you can get the frustration verbalized, the less it builds up.