Educational Adventurers

Just south of Miami in exotic Florida Keys, Seacamp provides experiential education in marine studies to students aged 8 to 21 years old with a focus on hands-on and interactive programs.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | April 16, 2018 | Lifestyle

The campers and counselors at Seacamp come from around the world to explore the blue water coral canyons filled with invertebrates, fishes and mammals around Big Pine Key in order to enrich their understanding of the watery portion of our planet. Founded in 1966, the program has been continuously refined to offer a range of subjects, a high degree of student participation and an intense experience that is both action-packed and safe. The field observation and research has an impact on students that no classroom lecture can, proving the connections between living things on land and in the ocean and the complexity of the ecological, social, cultural and economic issues facing the world. While the camp emphasizes marine research and exploration using snorkeling and scuba skills, there are also the more traditional camp activities of sailing, lifesaving, windsurfing, photography, arts & crafts;