Electric Eleanor

While an EV (electric vehicle) would make an ideal car for daily office commutes, many of us can’t quite make the plunge, preferring a vehicle that stirs our soul, and that is just what this magnificent work of art on wheels accomplishes.
Words by Bill Lindsey | September 28, 2020 | Luxury

Tesla has changed the world forever, proving an EV can be mass-produced and reliable. However, while we all know they are ideal for 99% of all the driving we do, they look like a Nissan Sentra from the outside and an Apple store inside. Adding insult to injury, despite the neck-snapping launch if you dare use Ludicrous Mode, which most Tesla owners do not, they sound like an electric fan when you press the pedal. The Aviar R67 won’t resolve the sound issue but it corrects the looks issue and then some. The spitting image of Eleanor from Gone In 60 Seconds in carbon fiber, it gets your heart pumping the instant you lay eyes upon it. The interior maintains the excitement by blending traditional gauges with a large screen that controls every aspect of the car. Underneath the sexy bits lies a Tesla, so the R67 is fueled by FPL instead of Sunoco. It’s too bad Elon Musk didn’t think of this;