Electric Tides

Just as car manufacturers have proved to the world that electric cars are a viable means of transportation, so has the innovative DutchCraft DC25 completely reinvented the way we look at boats.
Words by Bill Lindsey | March 30, 2020 | Luxury

The DutchCraft 25 is the equivalent of a flying carpet, able to whisk you to places otherwise unreachable while making the journey an adventure. The elegant lines of the carbon fiber hull appeal from the first glance, but a much closer inspection reveals an array of truly spectacular features. The open layout allows the DC25 to go from family cruiser to dive boat to sportsfisherman. Clear the deck and use it to transport motorcycles and jet skis. The hinged bow door allows guests to walk directly into the beach without getting their feet wet. All the above is truly noteworthy, but it is the lack of outboard engines or any evidence of an inboard engine that provides the first hint that you’re on an electric boat. The battery system allows the 100kW motor to deliver 6 hours of cruising at 6 knots, or a bit more than an hour’s worth of 32-knot wide-open throttle adrenaline;